Gift card

Give the Feleppa style! The Gift Card is the perfect gift that allows those who receive it to choose and freely wear a creative and trendy garment from our collection.

How to use the Gift Card
  • Once purchased, the Gift Card will be sent by e-mail to the person you indicated where an alphanumeric univocal code will be present.
  • Once an item in the cart is inserted, you can use a gift card by entering the code received in the appropriate space and in any case before purchasing.
  • For any other doubt, we will always be at your side to help you.
  • The Gift Card can be purchased and usable only online in the Feleppa shop.
  • The amount of the Gift Card can have the following cuts: € 50.00 - € 100.00 - € 150.00 - € 200.00 - € 250.00
  • The Gift Card must be used in one order.
  • The payment of the GIF Card is possible only via the PayPal circuit.
  • The Gift Card is not named and can be used by anyone who inserts the code in the appropriate space on the site and in any case before purchasing.
  • The Gift Card is valid for 365 days from the moment of purchase of the same. After the deadline, it will no longer be possible to use it and the amount is not refundable.
  • The activation of the Gift Card takes place automatically at the time of purchase.